Spacetown Beagle Club


The Spacetown Beagle Club was established so that individuals could organize and work together to encourage the breeding of purebred beagles, to develop and bring to perfection their natural high qualities, and to do all in its power to protect and to advance the interest of the breed of beagles by holding field trials under the rules and regulations of the American Kennel Club.

Back in the mid-1960s, Spacetown Beagle Club was part of the “Derry Sporting Dog Club” and those with beagles trialed their dogs with the Granite State Open Hare Field Trial Association. At that time, people had registered and non registered dogs and mixed breeds were not uncommon.

While operating under the Derry Sporting Dog Club, a group of dedicated purebred beagle owners decided to become an “AKC” club for beagles which meant that they would need to follow the American Kennel Club rules when trialing their dogs. At this point, they needed to separate themselves from the Derry Sporting Dog Club in order to operate within AKC rules.

So how did the name “Spacetown Beagle Club” come to be? Well, Alan B Shepard Jr. was one of the Mercury Astronauts and held the distinction of being the first American to journey into space and he was born in East Derry, NH. The town was suddenly on the map and acquired the name of Spacetown USA. It seemed only fitting to name the new club, located right in East Derry, after East Derry’s new patriotic name.

Following the establishment of the new club, suburban housing development caught up with East Derry and the private land where the dogs trained was sold. This forced the Derry Sporting Dog Club to dissolve. But in the early 1970s, Spacetown beagle Club negotiated a lease with the Raymond Sportsman Club which provided that the dogs would be trained on the grounds in Raymond, NH.

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